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Gas / Electricity Account

Process to connect, transfer or cancel electricity or gas bill with  National Grid

1.Call to1-800-322-3223 and press the asterisk (*)   as soon as you hear the message"For Spanish mark asterisk now" 


two.When to listen: "In a nutshell, tell me your reason for the call" Say nothing and wait for the next message.


3.When you finish the message you say: "Commit services"To start services, "Transfer services"in case you are changing location, or "Cancel Services"

4. Soon after, it will ask you to enter the zip code where you live. 


5. The system will ask you to press 1 for gas or 2 for electricity.

6. Wait for someone to pick up. As soon as you answer it says"Do you speak Portuguese?"and then the person who answered will put a person who speaks your language on the line. 


If you only have a passport to open a gas or electricity bill, you will need to send a copy, plus another form of identification, such as a letter with your name, or a copy of your debit or credit card, to this email address:  samne@nationalgrid.comtogether with  the customer number they will provide you during your call (customer id number) Once you send this email, you will receive another one confirming that the documents were received, and soon after another one email confirming the start of your service. No need to call National Grid again. That's all it takes to get your services turned on.

If you have Social and a driver's license, you can click on this page to create your account and start internet services. 


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