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Sepulveda PLLC Law Office attorney is offering TPS application and renewal for free. The only fee to be paid is directly to immigration. 

1. Examples of documents you can submit TO PROVE YOUR IDENTITY AND NATIONALITY  include copies of any of the following:

A. Passport;

B. Birth certificate accompanied by photo ID; or

C. Any national identity document from your country of origin with your photograph and/or fingerprint.


2. What documents do you need to provide to prove date of entry into the United States to meet the continuous residency requirement for this program? Examples of documents you can submit include copies of any of the following:

A. Passport;

B. Form I-94, Arrival-Departure Record; or

C. Documents specified in item 3., below.


3. What documents do you need to present to prove residency in the United States? Submit copies of any of the following relevant documents.

A. Employment records (for example, payslips; Form W-2, Wage and Tax Return; federal income tax return certification; state verification of filing of state income tax returns; letters from employers; or, if you are self-employed, letters from banks and other companies you have done business with.) NOTE: In all these documents, your name and the name of the employer or other interested organization must appear on the form or letter, as well as relevant dates. Letters from employers must be in the form of an affidavit and the employer must also sign and attest to the affidavit under penalty of perjury. These letters must include: (1) Your address at the time of employment; (2) Exact periods of employment; (3) Layoff periods; and (4) Duties to the Company. If employment records are not available, please submit a statement explaining why you cannot obtain these records. Your employer must sign and attest to the statement under penalty of perjury.

B. Rent receipts, utility bills (eg gas, electricity and telephone) and receipts or letters from companies showing the dates during which you received service.

C. School records (eg, school letters and report cards) from schools you or your children attended in the United States, showing school names and periods of school attendance.

D. Hospital or medical records relating to your or your children's treatment or hospitalization, showing the name of the medical or medical establishment, and the dates of treatment or hospitalization. Form I-821 Instructions 03/07/19 E Page 11 of 18

E. Attestations by churches, unions or other organizations to your residence, identifying you by name. The certificate must be signed by an employee (whose title is shown); show inclusive membership dates; indicate the address where you resided during the periods of membership; include the organization's seal printed on the organization's letterhead or letterhead.

F. Additional documents may include copies of receipts for money orders sent in or out of the country; passport entries; birth certificates of children born in the United States; dated bank transactions; correspondence between you and another person or organization; US Social Security Card; Selective Service Card; car license receipts, titles, vehicle registration; deeds, mortgages, contracts to which it has been a party; tax revenues; Insurance; receipts; and letters.

G. Any other relevant documents

More information here.

*To receive any free service offered on the day, you will need to visit the resource table to have your "passport" stamped. You will receive a "passport" at the door. This is a way for each participant to learn about the many resources available to the community. All the resources offered are not part of the public charge and do not hinder a possible legalization.


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