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How can I enter a treatment program?
Talk to a specialist at 800.327.5050 to find out about types of treatment and options near you.


Here are some more tips to help you get into treatment:
1.    Make calls to treatment programs first thing in the morning.
2.     Be persistent. Call programs back every hour or two, even if a program asks you to call them back the next day. For some services, like Withdrawal Management (formerly known as Detox), there are more people calling than available services. Don't let this put you off, keep calling until there is a vacancy for treatment. 
3.     Remember that Withdrawal Management may not be the starting point. The Helpline will provide you with options that suit your needs.
4.     Be kind even if you are frustrated. Treatment providers are trying to help many people get into treatment.
5.     Please continue to check in with Helpline staff. We may have new information about program availability.
1.    Try an Opioid Emergency Care Center near you. There are three walk-in programs in the MA.

You can access treatment in Massachusetts with or without health insurance

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