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How to look for an apartment to rent

The most viable way to rent an apartment is by going to google and writing “Apartments for rent in (write your city and state). Click on the links that appear and do your search there. Here are some reliable links:,MA/

It is important that you do not undertake any transaction without first seeing the apartment and meeting the agent or owner. Sites like Craigslist have many scam ads where they always ask you to fill out the application and send the money over the internet.

Another effective way is to look for real estate in your area and make a simple application with your data and the type of apartment you are looking for. There are several owners who require social and that you have good credit, references, and proof of income. Others are not so demanding and ask for little things like a copy of the passport and income verification. 

If you are going to apply directly to a condominium owner, you will have to pay a fee for each application, which can reach up to $200 depending on the location. 

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