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Our mission is to empower individuals by providing culturally competent services, facilitating access to essential information and resources across a variety of life domains, while promoting independence and self-sufficiency.

At Source Hub, we understand the importance of cultural competency in our services. We recognize that each individual we serve comes from a rich and diverse cultural heritage, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our interactions are respectful, welcoming and sensitive to these unique cultural experiences. Our commitment to cultural competency is embedded in everything we do, allowing us to provide truly meaningful and accessible services.

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Financial Stability Workshop and Others

Connecting the Dots to Success
Financial literacy and entrepreneurship, along with personal storytelling. This program is a comprehensive and holistic initiative aimed at empowering women with limited English proficiency by allowing them to not only have financial knowledge, but also explore entrepreneurial opportunities. Central to the program is the discovery of inner strength through the narrative of each participants' autobiography, promoting resilience and self-confidence. This approach with cultural inclusion ensures that participants can overcome personal, linguistic and cultural barriers, opening up the path to improving their quality of life and greater economic independence. 

Calendar 2024:
February 5 to April 15.
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9am-12pm.
Most of the workshop
op will be in person. 

To register, fill in this form. 

First Time Home Buyer
In partnership with Thay Realty Group and Tower Home Loans, we teach you how you can buy or prepare to buy your home while taking into account the challenges our immigrant community faces. With financing agents available to do your pre-approval, you can leave the presentation with your pre-approval in hand. 

2023 November 16 at 6p
Location: 357 South Main Street Fall River MA 02721

To register, contact us at 508-558-10

In partnership with Catholic Charities Diocese of Fall river, we offer a presentation about removal, ICE check-in, work permit, change of address, common relief applications, and basic descriptions about SIJS, TPS, and U/T/VAWA. 

2023 November 15 at 5:30pm

Location: 357 South Main Street Fall River MA 02721

To register, contact us at 508-558-1044

Narcan Training and Education
In partnership with the SSTAR clinic, we offer training on how touse Narcan to prevent overdose, and we offer resources and information about treatments available. This one-hour training provides you with a certificate of conclusion at the end. 

2023 November 27 at 6pm
Location: 357 South Main Street Fall River MA 02721

To register, contact us at 508-558-10

For more information about our services contact us: 508-558-1044

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