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The Consular Registration Card (CMC) is an identification document created to help Brazilians living abroad.

Its purpose is to facilitate the contact of the consular authorities with the bearer and his family members in Brazil in emergency cases, as well as in the renewal of other Brazilian documents.

Allows, depending on the country, boarding to return to Brazil in case of loss of passport.

When used to enter national territory, the CMC will be collected by the Federal Police.


To obtain the Consular Registration Card, it is mandatory to appear before the consulate. Remember that prior booking is required. Onew england community center  Stoughton can also do this process for you, charging the consular fee and their service fee which is $30. 


Common documentation for all cases

1)Application form, to be provided by the Consular Post;

two)Passport-sized photograph 5x5 cm;

3)Valid identification document;

4)The document must prove Brazilian nationality, such as the passport, the Brazilian birth certificate or the Brazilian marriage certificate, where the nationality is stated, or the naturalization certificate;

5)Minors must present a Brazilian birth certificate;

6)Brazilians born abroad must necessarily present a consular birth certificate or, if already transcribed in Brazil, a Brazilian birth certificate;

7)A valid foreign identification document may be accepted, provided it contains the same name as the Brazilian document proving nationality.

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