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How to use the drive-through

Have you noticed that most banks have a queue where you can you go with your car?! One always gives you access to an ATM machine, and the other gives you access to a person. This track is called drive through/thru You can do it deposits, withdrawals, payments, cash advances and ordering checks.


To save time, always have all your items handy! Let them know what kind of transaction you need to do and if you have difficulty filling out your transaction paper just ask for help.

Note that when you get in line, there will always be money deposit and withdrawal papers that you can pick up and fill out. Remember that each bank has its own deposit paper.


If you joined the queue where you use the cylinder like this:

And just remove it from the place, put your deposit inside, such as checks, money, the deposit paper, and if you don't remember your account number, just add your bank card and go back to the place where it was removed . You will have the Send Carrier button, you press it and it will be sent by air pressure to the person inside the bacus who will process your transaction. When completed, the cylinder will be returned to you..


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