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Plan to prepare yourself to leave an abusive relationship 

  • Establish your independence. Open a checking and savings account and credit card in your name and specifically instruct institutions that your partner should not have access. Choose the option to receive letters electronically instead of receiving letters at home. 

  • Leave money, extra keys, copies of important documents, extra medicine and clothes with someone you trust so you can get out quickly. 

  • Determine safe people you can stay with and or how long you can stay. 

  • It is always important to have a charged telephone set in some area like the bathroom, which is a place where you can lock the door and call the police. Every device even disconnected if loaded you can call 911. 


List of items to use when exiting: 

  • Identification  

  • Passport/Indentity 

  • Driving License  

  • Your birth and children's certificates 

  • Cash and/or credit cards (in your name) 

  • Check and/or savings account 

  • Protection order 

  • Lease agreement 

  • Car registration 

  • Health Insurance Card 

Break the cycle of violence! Plan to quit, seek help! 

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