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Free or discounted school lunch

When you register your child at school, along with the papers that the school will have to give you, you will be given a form to fill out about the size of the family and the total monthly income. This form can be found on the school's website, or at thispage 

Here is a basic explanation of how to fill out this form:

(Open the page above and follow step by step)


STEP 1 (First step)

Child's first name, middle initial, last name

On the side, mark what applies to your child: Foster Child (adopted child), Migrant (migrant), Runway (child who ran away from home), Homeless (homeless), Head Start (which uses the head start program)


STEP 2 (Second Step)

If your child uses any of the federal programs like SNAP, TANF, or FDPIR just put the card number right after the Case Number. 


Step 3 (Third step)

  1. Child income If any child that was placed in the first step has some income, enter the value and mark whether it is weekly (weekly) fortnightly (bi-weekly) or monthly (monthly)

  2. Put the information of all adults who live in the house including you in this step. First and last name, salary, how often you earn weekly (weekly), bi-weekly (monthly) or monthly (monthly), if you receive any alimony and how often, the amount you receive from retirement, or other means, and how what frequency does it receive. 

Just below where it says Total Household members, just put the total number of people who live in the house. Right next to it, if you have the social number you can put the last 4 digits, or just put an x where it says Check if on the SSN if you don't have social. 


STEP 4 (Fourth step)

Enter in print (Print Name of Adult Signing the Form), Sign (Signature of Adult), Date (Today's date), Address (address), City (City), State (State, ZIP code (Zip), Phone or email (Phone/Email)

Optional - This part is optional, it does not need to be filled in

DO NOT FILL OUT - This part closes blank. 


When delivering to the school, they will evaluate and determine whether the child will receive a free lunch or a discount. 

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