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Health emergency 

What to do if your child has a health emergency?  


If it is not an emergency in which you must call the rescue, the most recommended thing is that you go to the emergency of the hospital closest to you. If your child does not have health insurance, he will be taken care of.  regardless of whether you are able to pay for the consultation.  

If it's an emergency you have to call rescue, call 911. If you don't speak English, just pass your interest and say "ambulance" They will understand and send one immediately. Always the police who arrive first. They are only there to help with whatever is needed. In this case, you will receive a bill in the mail to pay the ransom. You can call and make a monthly payment plan if you cannot pay the full amount.  


If you need an interpreter, ask one as soon as you get to the hospital. Most hospitals have interpreters, if for some reason they don't have that day, they can help you through the Language Line which is a translation system.  


Once you arrive, the receptionist will ask you for some information. Soon after, the nurse will see you and do the basic exam and ask what reason you are there. Soon after, you will be put in a room where you will be attended to.  


When you are waiting to be seen, a person with a computer will come to the room to confirm your information. If it's the first time you're going to that hospital, you'll get personal information like health insurance, sometimes they also take a picture of the patient to have in the system. At this point, if you don't have health insurance, that person will explain how you can get one. The bill for that consultation will be sent to your address. If you apply and are approved for government insurance for your child, they go back a few months and cover any visits. If the case is not approved, you can make a monthly payment plan. You may also receive a discount on your account if you qualify for hospital help. Hospitals have financial assistance funds that can help you with the bill.  


Another emergency care alternative is to take your child to a local health clinic. The wait is usually not as long as in a hospital, but the payment method is different. You have to pay for the consultation before being seen, which is not that high. Or if you have insurance just give the information.  


It is important to know that all health professionals are required to report child or elderly abuse to the appropriate body.  


    For information on how to apply for health insurance, go to  


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