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HAVE YOU HEARD OF 211? This is an online portal that gives you information on several essential is a picture of their page and the translation just below each topic that you can search for. Just enter HERE to access the site.  

On the top left side where it says "Fall River, MA" you can enter the city where you live, and then click on one of these topics:

in the first row

Addiction and Recovery - Addiction and Recovery 

Adolescent & Youth Services - Services for teenagers and young people

Education - Education

Elder Care - Elderly care

Fitness - Gymnastics

Food - Food

Goods - Items

Help Escape Violence - Help Escape Violence

Housing - Housing

Income/Financial Assistance - Income/Financial Assistance

Legal Aid - Legal help


in the second row

Medical Care & Insurance - Medical Care & Insurance

Mental Health - Mental health

Nutrition - Nutrition

Parenting - Childcare

Sexual Health & Testing - Sexual Health & Testing

Special Needs - Special Needs

Transportation - Transport

Utilities - Utilities

Work - Work

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