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If you have recently moved to the United States or have been here for a long time, it is important to talk to a professional who can advise you on the best possible way to keep your income tax up to date.


If you have earned any type of income, cash or check, it must be reported to the IRS, regardless of your immigration status.When doing income tax for the first time, you will have to apply for the ITIN (Individual tax identification number)This number can also be used to open a business, bank account, credit card or many other things. To apply for this number, you must have arrived in America at least the previous year (if you've been here longer, that's no problem). 

The Community Economic Development Center (CEDC) of New Bedford provides this service at no charge. To schedule an appointment, contact them. There are people who speak Portuguese and Spanish in their office. 

1285 Acushnet Ave.

New Bedford, MA 02746



Phone: (508) 979-4684

Fax: (508) 990-0199

In addition to this place, there are others called VITA spread across the state that can do your taxes at no cost to you. Remember that most of these places do not apply for the ITIN. If you don't already have one, contact an accountant or the New Bedford CEDC. 

To find a VITA location near you, enter your zip code in thisLINK



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