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Family Planning Programs are government-funded to provide the following low-cost or no-cost services to low-income MA residents:

  • preconception care

  • Counseling and education on sexual communication and healthy relationships, reproductive life planning, reproductive anatomy and physiology, fertility and all of the following services provided

  • Complete gynecological and breast exams

  • Cervical cancer screening and follow-up

  • Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases

  • emergency contraception

  • Birth control

  • Pregnancy test and options counseling

  • Follow-up and referral for identified medical problems

  • HIV counseling and testing, on-site at some agencies and by referral at others

  • HPV and other vaccines, on-site at some agencies and by referral at another

Click here for a list of agencies by region that provide services in your area!


here on this site  you'll find information for any topic related to family planning such as: reproductive health, screenings, abortion, birth control, healthy sex tips and much more. Simply choose your topic and enter your zip code for a list of agencies serving your area.

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