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Furniture and household goods donation

If you need furniture for your home, here in the state of MA there are some options for you to receive help. One of them is the donation centerHousehold Goodsin Acton and My Brother's Keeper which provides furniture for low-income people.

In order to arrange a furniture pick-up day, a community service organization must make a reference in your favor. At thesitefrom House Hold Goods has a list of agencies that can make these references. MAPS  can also make these references, call one of the numbers listed on the website (all speak Portuguese).  BRACE  from Framingham can make these applications, but you have to go to their office in person. 

When an appointment is scheduled, only two family members can enter the  building to choose what they need, and they cannot go back to the facility to get what did not fit in the truck. It is important that you rent a truck from U-Hall to use on the day of the appointment. 

Another agency that can help you is "My Brother's Keeper". They deliver the furniture to your house. Just call the number of the place that serves the area where you live and place your order. 



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