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How to obtain a Home Day Care License

If you care for children under 14 at home, or up to 16 if you have special needs, it is important to have your "Family Child Care Provider" license from the Massachusetts Department of Education and Care. (EEC - Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care). You need to have the social or ITIN to complete the process. If you are expecting to receive any of these documents, you can start and complete up to the second step. 

This is a low-cost process that involves:

-Inscriptions on the websites to create your account.

-Free courses on the internet where it also provides all the information about what qualifies a house to be used as a home day care (nursery)

-Medical exam

-Background check for all persons residing in the home

-Visit of the inspector at your home

-Licensing after everything is complete and approved

Order of expenses:

-CPR/First Aid Course (Around $78)

-Medical examination depending on your insurance and the cost of the office consultation you go to. 

-Background Check  ($35 for each family member)

-License fee after the whole process is completed $100.


To obtain your license, just follow the information for each step below: 

First step:

Apply to the Professional Qualification Register to obtain the PQR number. You will enter the link below and go to the bottom of the page, click on the last link that says Massachusetts EEC Professional Qualifications Registry (

Tip: noto the  translate this application page if you are using your cell phone, as you will not be able to complete some of the questions required to complete the application. This part of the registry and the second one are the only ones that have to be used in English. 

Second stage:

Using that number you got on the website above, create your account to complete the course which will be in Portuguese or in the language of your choice.


Create your account:

Tip: noto the  translate this application page if you are using your cell phone, as it will not be possible to fill in some of the questions necessary to complete the application.  Here you will have the option to choose the language you want the whole system to be in. 

Now with your account created, you will enter the same site ( access the course portal. Click on the magnifying glass on the left side of the screen, and search for: 


EEC Strongstart

A list of courses will open, and you will add the following to your cart:

-12 Essential Elements of the EEC (There are 12 modules that have to be completed)

And go much further down and also choose the following:


-Prospective Provider Training Part 1-FCC (Part 1-FCC and Part 2-FCC must be completed)


When you add the two courses, enter your cart and you will see that they are both there. You   can click "Start" and take the course at your own pace using your cell phone or computer.

Third step:

CPR/ First Aid Certificate

Take the in-person CPR/First Aid Certificate course. This course is usually 2 and a half hours andit's around $78.

You can find somewhere you like that offers the course, or go to Red Cross to look for the dates and places that will have next to youIt is.  


Fourth step: 

Medical Form 

You will need to have a physical exam by a doctor. Make an appointment with your doctor, or go to any walk-in clinic. (The cost of the exam will depend on your health insurance) Your doctor has to fill out a specific form. Enter here, and click on the last link of this page where it says "Family Child Care Medical Form " 

Fifth step: 

contact yourlocal EEC service office  to gain access to the LEAD portal. They provide the necessary information for you to do theLogin, and all other communications related to licensing will be conducted on this portal. As:

-License application form 

-Add the medical examination document

-Background check consent form for all persons residing in the home. Including fingerprints. ($35 per person)

-Inspector will contact you to arrange a visit to your home

-When everything is finished, you will be charged $100 to obtain your license. 

You will receive a follow-up report on this portal, where you will have the necessary support to complete your process. 

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