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WIC Nutrition Program 

WIC is a Nutrition for Women, Babies and Children program that provides a monthly amount for families to buy food for pregnant women and also children aged 0-5 years old. This service is offered regardless of where you are here in America.

To enroll in the program, just go to an agency closest to you. Herethis is a list of all of them. Or get into it page and fill in the necessary information, and someone who speaks Portuguese will get back to you to make an appointment at an agency closest to you.  

At your appointment you will need to bring the following information:

  • Proof of current household income. Bring proof of income for everyone in your household. Examples include:

  • Proof that you live in Massachusetts. Examples include:

    • utility bill

    • Postmarked correspondence addressed to you at your address

    • Rent or rent receipt 

    • Driving license or other identification card

  • Identity proof. Take identity for everyone who will be part of the program. Examples include:

    • Driver's license

    • Birth certificate

    • MassHealth Card

    • Work or school card

    • Passport 

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