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About Us

Welcome to Source Hub, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to serving the unique needs of our community including immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Our mission is to empower individuals by providing culturally competent services, facilitating access to essential information and resources across a spectrum of life domains, and promoting independence and self-sufficiency.

Our Commitment to Cultural Competence

At Source Hub, we understand the importance of cultural competence in our services. We recognize that each individual we serve comes from a rich and diverse cultural background, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our interactions are respectful, responsive, and sensitive to these unique cultural experiences. Our commitment to cultural competence is embedded in everything we do, allowing us to provide services that are truly meaningful and accessible.

Our Founder's Vision

Source Hub's journey began with the visionary leadership of our Executive Director, Fernanda Silveira. Through her work with victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse within the legal and law enforcement systems of Massachusetts, Fernanda identified the significant barriers community members often face when trying to access vital services in their new home. Her experiences led to the inception of Source Hub, with the goal of breaking down these barriers and creating an inclusive space for all members of the community including immigrants to access the information and resources needed to achieve independence and self-sufficiency.

Our Vision

To empower community members with the knowledge and resources they need to thrive in their environment while respecting and embracing their diverse culturais backgrounds. We strive to be a source of support and guidance, a bridge to essential information, and a catalyst for positive change in the lives of those we serve.

Your support will allow us to continue impacting lives and making positive changes in the communities we serve

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