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SNAP - Help with food

SNAP is a program that provides monthly help with food purchases. To be approved, you must have a low income and: 

-Someone has social in the family

-Children who have the social, even if the parents do not have one or

-Victims of crime who are in the process of legalization


In addition to the information above, here is more detail. To sign up and just enter thissite and fill in the required information. After you submit the application, you will be contacted by a representative who speaks your language for a short questionnaire. It is important that you ask what number they will give you in case the main applicant does not have social security. With this number you will be able to check your account in the application. This application is called DTA connect, and there you put the social number, or the number that is provided in the social place, and the year of birth to access your DTA account. In this application, you can check the amount on your card, send documentation, and have access to your data. 

If you prefer to go to an agency that can help you personally, contacthere to access the list of locations that help with the application of SNAP. 

Organic Vegetables
In the Supermarket
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Grocery Shopping
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