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Every location uses a very similar way to register children for school. Here I will give an example of registering in the city of Fall River MA. If you live in another city, just google "School Department and the city and state where you live". And follow what that department's system requires.


Start by creating an account on the Fall River Public Schools Portal (or the city you live in) You must complete the entire registration process in order for your child to be enrolled. 


Nessa page you must click on the red button on the right where it says "Start". You will be forwarded to another page so you can enter your address. Just click on the blue letters next to the red ones that say "Click here to look up now" where you will put your address so that the system will give you the name of the school your child will study. Remember that each school serves a specific location, even if you want to place your child in a certain school, if your address is not within that district, it will not be possible.  


Once you know which school the system showed your child to register for, enter this page  and start creating your account. Here you need to answer the questions that the website asks, and on the last page of this process, you will have the option to schedule a mandatory meeting with the school.  


You will be given a list of documents to bring to your meeting at the Fall River Public Schools Parent Information Center or the Durfee High School Registration Center, both located in the Durfee School Building at 360 Elsbree Street. If you do not have the necessary documents, you will be asked to return them later. It is important to know that if you are registering your child for this school year, you do not need to make an appointment. Simply go directly to the Information Center at the address mentioned above with the necessary documentation as soon as possible to move the process forward.  


If you are transferring your child from one school to another, you must follow the same process, and only click on the option that asks if the child is transferring from another district. There you will have to answer information from the school your child is currently registered with.  

To speak with the school department call508-675-8421and select option #1 and wait for someone to answer you. 

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