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If you are interested in opening a credit card, it is important that you understand the difference and benefits of each one. Below is a list of credit cards that only need the TIN (individual tax number) to apply. Depending on your credit history, you have two options: Credit card, and the secure credit card for people who don't have credit or are trying to get a bad history.  


A secure credit card works just like a regular card, but the difference is that you place a deposit of the amount of the line of credit you need. If you want a $1,000 line of credit, you will contact the company that offers the secure card, and they will send that amount to them. You will use it like a normal card, and that's how you build your credit.  

Here is a list of some normal cards that can be opened using just the TIN number (individual tax number)

To keep track of your credit, Equifax's website offers full monitoring of what's on your behalf, such as open accounts, payment history, and more. Depending on your plan of choice, for a small monthly fee. Go to the website for more information:

Having good credit helps with buying a car, renting, buying a house, borrowing from the bank and many other things. If you can't open a regular card, start with the prepaid until you have an up-to-date payment history so that you can be approved for a regular card in the future. 

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